Fabric decoration of modern interiors

Decorating with fabrics – it is one of the most important elements of any interior decoration composition. Curtains, sheers, valances, covers for sofas and chairs, blankets, pillows, cushions and other fabric decoration elements – are all part of any successful interior design scheme. They determine the style and set the atmosphere of your home or apartment.

Fabric window treatments have long been an integral part of your interior. From a purely functional household item, drapes have become the main component of the overall décor of the room. They highlight the style, properly distribute the room space, make the room a secluded protecting from prying eyes, decorate the window and adjust the amount of daylight entering inside: bright sun in the summer and cold drafts in the winter, which saves energy on air-conditioning and heating.

Drapes are usually made of velvet, velour or tapestry, complemented with swags, tassels or fringe. They create classic, conservative look. This is also a good choice for the bedroom.
One of the latest trends and the easiest way to decorate a window – sheers. Sheers are light curtains made of tulle, silk (plain or lace trimmed),combined with lambrequins the top, they truly give the finishing touch to any elegant interior. Sheers pass the light through, keeping natural lighting of the room. It is also a great choice for decorating Bay and Bow windows.

When choosing window coverings, it’s important to consider the shape of the windows and purpose of the curtains. There are three standard lengths of drapery: up to the sill, below the sill and to the floor. The last option is an important part of the décor and draws attention to the window. The curtains to the window sill or below are less formal. These curtains look good on the small windows in small rooms and are commonly used for decorating the kitchen and bathroom.

Among other recent trends are fabric curtains – Roman shades, tie curtain, cloud curtain, balloon curtain, criss-cross curtain, screens, fabric blinds.

A professional designer will consider the style and proportions of the interior, as well as your personal aesthetic preferences and will offer the best design solutions. The end result – a well designed window treatment should have a timeless feel to it. It should look as if it has always been there, tailor-made for the window, color matched to other décor elements, giving a room a satisfying “finished” feel.

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